In cooperation with the customers, we primarily solve accounting, tax, and financial impacts of their expected or current business activities or investment plans. The objective of our activity is not just auditing the legal obligations of the customer but especially the effort to limit, if possible, the negative impact of high taxation on our customers in the Czech Republic, or of other negative economic influences, thus helping them develop their business activities.

Main areas of activities are:

Private Customers

  • Tax consultancy
  • Compiling ordinary and extraordinary statements and reports
  • Compiling tax returns
  • Representing customers in negotiations with tax authorities
  • Financial and investment consulting related to tax planning

Institutional Customers

  • Accounting consultancy
  • Tax consultancy
  • Representing customers in negotiations with tax authorities
  • Acquisitions and founding resident companies
  • Sales of companies
  • Corporate mergers
  • Transfers of equity shares
  • Company transformations

In view of the ever-growing number of business activities of Czech residents abroad and those of foreign entities in the Czech Republic, M&P primarily focuses on the following areas: Permanent branches in international tax law

  • Organizational services of foreign companies in the Czech Republic
  • International tax relations - implementing treaties on preventing double taxation
  • Acquisitions and founding non-resident companies